Right now we are working at full stretch on two major stage works which couldn't be more different. Dieter Schnebel’s rather sparse manuscript for “Utopien” set up for six singers (Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart) and five instruments explores no less than eight languages including Greek and Hebrew as well as their transliterations.
(Editing and performance materials by ngb)


The Catalan Hèctor Parra has set the German translation of a French text by Marie NDiaye to music. His opulent manuscript for “Das geopferte Leben” stages four singers and two ensembles. The full score comprises of more than 350 pages. The ensemble recherche and the Freiburger Barockorchester will perform together in modern and baroque tunings under the baton of Peter Tilling.
(complete materials by ngb)

Witten 2014
Juliana Hodkinson at MaerzMusik