For the upcoming Beethoven anniversary the Chorakademie Dortmund commissioned young composers to form two anthologies: Michaela Catranis, Eres Holz, Christian Kesten, Seyko Itoh, Brigitta Muntendorf and Sören Eichberg contributed compositions for choir and small ensembles published as enChor while the Chorbuch comprises 16 a-capella pieces by Stefan Beyer, Helena Canovas i Pares, Matias F. Cassano, Irene Galindo Quero, Jens Heuler, Elias Jurgschat, Nicolas Kuhn, Julian Lembke, Martin Letelier, Dariya Maminova, Denis Olejak, Doo-Jin Park, Zaneta Rydzewska, Damian Scholl, Samuel Walther and Justus Wilcken.

(copy-editing and engraving by NGB)

Music Engraving Conference
Josh Cohen's Radiohead for Solo Piano