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We offer a position as managing editor and developer!
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Workshop “Digital Edition with Sibelius & Co” at Edirom Summer School

Edirom Summer School 2021

Edirom Summer School “corona edition” 2021

Together with Dr. Anna Plaksin, we are offering the workshop “Digital Edition with Sibelius & Co” at this year’s Edirom Summer School. The course takes place from September 16.–17. With this format, we want to enable participants to work on questions arising from their own work in small groups.

Because of restrictions due to Corona, the Summer School will be held online, like last year’s. This means we won’t get to enjoy the usual catering during breaks, but on the plus side, courses will be free. Registration is still possible at the time of writing.

The Trial (Der Prozess)

Pages from the First Edition

The Trial — pages from the First Edition

Rarely seen on stage is Gottfried von Einem‘s opera „Der Prozeß“ after the novel by Franz Kafka (FP 1953 at the Salzburg Festival). Tobias Leppert has created a version for a reduced orchestra which will be premiered this fall in Radebeul (Saxonia). Boosey&Hawkes will publish this and the original version anew. Note the quality of the hand-copied First Edition with it’s characteristic aesthetics.

… to a better 2021

Josephine Riemann: Totentänze (2020) Violinen, Knochen (Mensch, Reh, Rind, Schwein)

Josephine Riemann, Totentänze (2020)

The pandemia of the year 2020 has affected almost all areas of life. The concert business as we know it is at a standstill. During the last months we were nevertheless able to work on the materials for three large-scale works by Enno Poppe, Ming Tsao and Rebecca Saunders, in addition to several smaller ones.
Despite everything, for us 2020 was also a year of opera: we worked on reduced versions of Verdi’s and Offenbach’s stage works as well as on a volume of the critical Cherubini edition (“Les Abencérages”). We were also able to complete the new edition of “Der Rosenkavalier“.

Ming Tsao, Triode-Variations

triode diagramrework of Variationen für Orchester, op.31 by Arnold Schönberg

Originally scheduled for December 30, 2020, Ensemble Musikfabrik will perform Ming’s new work next year.

A new piano concerto by Rebecca Saunders

that was scheduled to be premiered at the Lucern Festival this summer has been postponed to the upcoming season.
The Festival Academy Orchestra and Nicolas Hodges under Sylvain Cambreling will premiere “to an utterance“.

(materials by NGB)