Creating the sheet music of the future.
With our clients, for our clients.

We are your technical partner for complex music digitization projects. We develop bespoke solutions to help you achieve your project goals in time.

What we do

Consultation and Support

  • For music notation projects
  • Sustainable data management
  • Tools and workflows
  • Projects with businesses, academic and educational institutions

Music Typesetting Solutions

  • Implementation of unconventional music notation
  • Automating layout
  • Dynamic music rendering
  • Input and editing tools

Plugins und Automation

  • Plugins for Sibelius and Finale
  • Conversion and generation of music notation, text and graphics
  • PDF Processing and Analysis
  • “Preflight” for music notation data

Data Input and Performance Material

Our music engravers have long-standing experience in preparing complex performance material. An extensive network of qualified personnel offers large-scale music data input and guarantees swift handling.


Corpus monodicum

  • Consulting
  • Digital input tool mono:di
  • Automation of typesetting and layout

Björk Songbook

  • Editing tools
  • Automation
  • PDF manipulation tools

MEI export for Sibelius

  • Maintenance for the MEI community
  • Features and improvements according to customer requirements
  • Quality assurance through tests